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Online: April 5, 2021, Onsite: April 24-25, 2021
Seattle, WA

Certifications: WFR, ECSI Health Care Provider CPR/AED, ‘Wilderness’ Certification (for current EMTs only)

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WFR Recertification Mountaineers Member price: $300

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The Hybrid Wilderness First Responder Recertification Course (H-WFC) recertifies a WFR’s medical care skills in remote settings. Students will rebuild skills and confidence needed to provide medical care when evacuation is hours or days away. The course includes group discussions, short lectures, interactive labs, and realistic practice scenarios that allow students to practice and challenge their skills in remote and wilderness settings with limited resources. The course combines 10-20 hours of online coursework with two days of onsite training.

Subjects Covered:
Designed for the outdoor guide, Remote Site Team Lead or Military Team Lead, the H-WFC reviews and practices of a range of medical skills and topics. Skills include patient assessment, lifting and moving patients, cold and heat emergencies, altitude, immersion, submersion, lightning, legal considerations, and more. Students also learn how to effectively manage basic wounds, infection, shock, head injuries, spinal injuries, respiratory and cardiac emergencies, abdominal pain, metabolic and allergic reactions, and altered mental states, for up to eight hours until a higher level of care can arrive. This course is designed to challenge the student in leading and managing a group of individuals who are not medically trained or have basic medical knowledge to assist them in managing a complex patient.

Pre Requisites: 18+ years old and hold a current WFR certification that is active through the first day of the course start. 

Duration: 10-20 hours of distance learning through our online LMS and two days on-site. Onsite course hours are typically 8am - 5pm each day. 

Certifications: ECSI CPR/AED Health Care Provider (Professional) Certification, Remote Medical Training WFR.

Recertification Interval: Three years for certification period. 

Text Books:
1. ECSI CPR/AED 7th edition
2. Remote Medical Training WFR handbook

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