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Remote Medicine Upgrade and Recertification - Thailand

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Course Date: November 10th – 23rd, 2020

Location: Muang Khong, Thailand

Certifications: Remote EMT (REMT), 24-hour EMT Refresher Course, Medical Care Person in Charge (MCPIC), and CPR (Emergency Care Safety Institute)

Volunteer in Thailand with GIVE and Remote Medical Training to immerse yourself in Thai culture and remote hill-tribe communities working alongside locals on a variety of sustainable agriculture, reforestation while also obtaining your EMT recertification and upgrade. Your Thailand trip culminates with caving, bamboo rafting and elephant trekking (through the jungle!). There’s no better introduction to Southeast Asia than volunteering in Thailand!

Subjects Covered
The Hybrid Remote Medicine Upgrade & Recertification (H-RMUR) course fulfills all of the educational requirements to recertify an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Remote Emergency Medical Technician (REMT), or Medical Care Person in Charge (MCPIC) or to upgrade an EMT to include REMT and MCPIC certifications. Students of this course can receive up to 48 continuing education hours. This course is designed to meet the NREMT NCCP model of recertification for more information please visit the NREMT webpage.

*Please note that for EMTs recertifying for the first time, you are required to have a six-month EMS agency affiliation to be eligible for recertification. For the complete list of eligibility requirements to complete the recertification process, or for any questions, please visit the NREMT webpage.

18 years or older &
Current EMT Certification

*Students will be required to provide a copy of government-issued photo ID.  For example: passport, driver’s license, state issued ID card, military ID, etc.

13 days

Remote EMT (REMT), 24-hour EMT Refresher Course, Medical Care Person in Charge (MCPIC), and CPR (Emergency Care Safety Institute)

Recertification Interval
Three years (REMT and MCPIC); two years (CPR)

Course Format/ What is included in this price:

  • Residential; All accommodations within Thailand, which have access to basic amenities and security
  • All group transportation within Thailand
  • All meals throughout your stay (country specific exceptions)
  • All of your epic adventure and cultural immersion activities
  • Funding for volunteer projects
  • Drinking water 24/7.

What is not included in this price:

  • Flights to and from Thailand and all associated air taxes, ticket fees, and any country entry and exit taxes.
  • Medical and traveler’s insurance
  • Passport and visa (specific to your citizenship)
  • Vaccinations (specific to host country)


Text Books: 

        1. Health Care Provider CPR 7th edition 
        2. Remote Medical Training REMT handbook
Chiang Mai, Thailand