The Difference Between a Hybrid Course and a Standard Course

What is the difference between a Remote Medical Training hybrid course and a standard course?

Any Remote Medical Training course that has an “H-” before the rest of the acronym indicates it is a hybrid learning course. This means that the course format includes a segment of online learning before the on-site course portion begins.

Remote Medical Training's hybrid courses are designed for the professional or individual who has good self-discipline, works well independently and has limited time available to be on location at a course. The hybrid courses take a portion of the learning that would be presented during a lecture or reading and move it to our interactive online Learning Management System (LMS). Moving a portion of the curriculum to our LMS has allowed our students to learn at their own pace from a location of their preference. This format then allows our instructors to focus on the core information and skills necessary to make our students excellent providers. Our hybrid courses contain the same content and provides the same certifications as their standard counterparts. For example, the H-REMT course is the same as the REMT course, except with a different learning format.

The hybrid format allows us to shorten the on-site duration of the course and can lower the overall cost to the students. To find out more about all our upcoming courses click here