Description 6 Week H-REMT

The Hybrid Remote Emergency Medical Technician (HREMT) course combines 70 hrs of online curriculum with 100 hrs of in person training to provide intermediate to advanced medical skills for individuals working in remote areas of the world.  This course is self-guided and designed for self-motivated students seeking a REMT certification. This course is recommended for individuals who plan to work as medical practitioners in remote areas as well as outdoor professionals looking for a higher level of medical certification. This is an accredited Washington State EMT course and upon course completion, students can apply to the NREMT. Students will need to complete additional applications for individual State licensure upon completion of their course. 

The REMT course meets and exceeds wilderness medical standards by covering all Wilderness EMT (WEMT) curriculum, while also incorporating a select higher level of scope. This hands-on, intensive training course educates students in a wide range of skills and real-world scenarios. By combining the NREMT curriculum with the REMT curriculum, the HREMT enables successful students to work as an EMT in a wide variety of environments. The HREMT curriculum educates students on high-level medical skills and topics that include advanced wound closure (suturing and stapling), antibiotic therapy, IV administration, sick call and primary care, pediatrics, geriatrics, and childbirth.

Additionally, the course covers travel medicine, telemedicine, medical kit integration, lifting and moving patients, advanced airway management, oxygen administration, shock, thoracic trauma, head injuries, dental emergencies, musculoskeletal injuries, respiratory and cardiac emergencies, mass-casualty incidents, anaphylaxis, cold and heat emergencies, altitude, immersion, submersion, and more


Course Format

This HREMT includes 2 weeks of online learning followed by 6 weeks of in-person training, meeting Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-10pm, and all day Saturdays from 8am - 5pm. The online curriculum is designed to be self guided. You will also have an instructor monitoring your online course work to help answer your questions. Once in person, the days will consist of short lectures, interactive labs, and realistic practical scenarios. 

Weekly Zoom Meetings 

Every Monday evening during the online component of your course there will be a 1-hour Zoom Meeting held by your instructor to allow you to ask questions and meet with them as a class.