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Description 6 Week H-REMT


The Six Week Hybrid Remote Emergency Medical Technician (6 Week H-REMT) course is for self-directed and self-motivated individuals seeking an EMT certification with a high likelihood of working professionally in remote areas worldwide. This hands-on, intensive training course educates students in a wide range of skills and real-world scenarios through weekly online learning modules, two evening classroom sessions per week each four hours long and one eight hour practical session on each weekend. 

the course meets and exceeds the National Registry of EMT's medical standards by covering all required curriculum. The H-REMT incorporates select higher-level capabilities and focuses on subjects that prepare the graduates for working both in an urban/rural setting along with giving them the confidence to deal with treating patients in remote and disaster environments. This hands-on, intensive training course educates students in a wide range of skills and real-world scenarios. Students receive the EMT certification through the National Registry of EMT’s, and the U.S. Coast Guard’s Medical Care Person in Charge (MCPIC) certificate of course completion.

By combining NREMT education with the MCPIC and H-Remote EMT curriculum, the H-REMT enables successful students to work as an EMT in a wide variety of environments. The H-REMT curriculum educates students on high-level medical skills and topics that include advanced wound closure (suturing and stapling), foley catheterization, antibiotic therapy, IV administration, sick call and primary care, pediatrics, geriatrics, and childbirth.

Additionally, the course covers travel medicine, telemedicine, medical kit integration, lifting and moving patients, advanced airway management, oxygen administration, shock, thoracic trauma, head injuries, dental emergencies, musculoskeletal injuries, respiratory and cardiac emergencies, mass-casualty incidents, anaphylaxis, cold and heat emergencies, altitude, immersion, submersion, and more